Current AY: 2022/23

I’m teaching CS1007 Computer System Fundamentals in Semester 1, and CS4202 Computer Architecture in Semester 2.

If you need to get in touch with me in relation to my teaching activities, try and ping me on Teams in the first instance, or send me an email.

Previous AYs:

  • 2021/22: CS4202 - Computer Architecture

Previous Teaching

When I worked at the University of Edinburgh, I taught Operating Systems and The Internet of Things: Systems, Security, and the Cloud. For the OS course, I developed a new OS from scratch (in C++) to aid with teaching:

Student Supervision

If you want to study for a PhD with me, please get in touch! I’m looking for students in the area of virtualisation, dynamic binary translation, just-in-time compilation, and dynamic language runtimes.

Current Students

Research Students

Taught Students

  • Joe Bailey (BSc Hons.): Remote Control-flow Attestation
  • Ben Bicknell (BSc Hons.): JavaScript Obfuscation
  • Scott Jones (MSci Hons.): Native Shared Libraries in a DBT
  • Alexandre Kings (BSc Hons.): Generating BRIO layouts
  • Amy Mason (BSc Hons.): Parsing Formal Arm ISA semantics
  • Anurag Suresh (BSc Hons.): Direct I-cache Injection for JITted code
  • Robbie Wallace (MSci Hons.): Reconstructing Guest Control Flow in a DBT

Previous Students